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ModLink™ Fiber Plug and Play Solution

ModLink™ Fiber Plug and Play Solution

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Plug and Play fiber solutions for backbone and to the desk applications are a cost-effective and easy install option for mission critical applications such as Data Centers and Storage Area networks (SAN’s).


In many mission critical applications, such as Data Centers and Storage Area Networks (SAN’s), fast installation is often paramount to the upkeep and with the frequency of moves, adds and changes (MAC’s) in such environments, again often warrants speedy access and implementation. Plug and Play Solutions offer both rapid installation and guaranteed performance and reliability.

Molex’s ModLink™ system is a cost-effective, quick and easy Plug and Play fiber system, for backbone and fiber to the desk applications. The ModLink system provides premium factory-controlled optical performance, enabling flexible system configuration and fast, economical installation.

Highlights of ModLink
  • Provides a flexible system configuration/reconfiguration, and fast, economical installation
  • In the event of damage or failure to a vital fiber backbone, the link can be quickly re-established without the need of technicians - no installation training necessary
  • A viable tool for rapid deployment of an alternative data recovery system
  • Factory terminated, and therefore guaranteed to perform to the highest industry standards
  • Laser Optimized 50/125µ (ISO Classification OM3) grade optical fiber specifically designed to maximize performance
  • Industry-leading low insertion loss of 0.50dB making it ideal to support 10G Base T applications

Additional Product Features
Compactly sized, individual ModLink cassettes simply click into Molex’s range of rack mount fiber management panels and enclosures, providing up to 48 ports in a 1U rack space. They offer front port identification plus a labeling field on the cassette top for fiber documentation. Cables utilize OFNP rated round ribbon cable featuring a flexible outer jacket that is easy to bend, route and install.

System Design


What are the Benefits of Plug and Play Technology?
Plug and Play solutions provide the advantage that each fiber connection is factory terminated. Each individual connector is pre-wired into an MTP/MPO interface and tested in-house to ensure correct fiber bend radius has been maintained and that each connector provides optimum performance. Therefore upon installation the user simply needs to plug the cable into the rear of the cassette and the link is operational – providing the user with an excellent solution for fast track installations with guaranteed performance.

In what application would I use a Plug and Play fiber solution?
ModLink is ideal for mission critical applications such as Data Centers or Storage Area Networks where fast installation is crucial.

Does ModLink support all the other major fiber connector technologies?
The ModLink system is available to support LC, SC, or MT-RJ fiber connectivity. Providing up to 12 fiber ports in each cassette, the SC and LC range also feature Molex’s patented shuttered adapter technology which protects each connector from dust and contaminants, while ensuring that the user is protected from harmful laser light emissions.  Designed to adhere to TIA/EIA 568-B.3, ISO/IEC 11801 and AS/NZS 3080 international fiber performance standards, the ModLink system supports OM1, OM2, OM3 and OS1 fiber applications.

Is ModLink™ covered by warranty?
The Molex Plug and Play fiber solution, ModLink, is covered by a 25 Year Global Product, System Performance and Application Assurance Warranty.

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